Aliens sends Repeated Signals from space NASA

Aliens sends Repeated Signals from space NASA

WCD Times NASA just announced that they have been receiving repeated Radio signals from deep space. They(NASA) have got so many radio signals from before decades. But this one is repetitive, Which they have never seen this like before, these signals are called fast radio bursts or FRBs. Which reaches Earth’s telescopes, that they shine brightly for a few milliseconds, then disappear.

There are 3 possibilities, that the Radio signals can be. One, it can be two Neutron stars collide each other or Rapidly spinning Neutron star but, “It’s a cataclysmic event – it doesn’t work for fast radio burst repeaters,” says, Shriharsh Tendulkar, an astronomer at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. But repeated is not possible as the signal will be once and disappears.

Two, Black Hole were much theory fits in, where any star or a neutron falls into it and the radio signals reach Earth. But, the possibility is no more than possibilities.

cigar-shaped object Oumuamua. Image – Dottedhipp/GettyImages

Three, Alien Lifeforms. This might be crazy but, many genuinely believe, it can be some alien life forms sending a signal from very very far away deep space from a Galaxy. Dr Stairs sees this as highly unlikely. “They come from all over the sky pretty much and many different distances – they must be associated with many different galaxies,” she told Newsday on BBC World Service. But if you think a little, it can be a life form, from far away in deep space. Do you remember the strange cigar-shaped object(Oumuamua) came into our solar system last year(2018)? Which scientists still couldn’t find out what it can be? As it can not be an asteroid or a comet. And also it worked like a space shuttle by passing under Sun’s gravity and accelerated out of our solar system Like our NASA spacecraft do. Can we link this both in any form? 

Alien Spaceship which can look like this cigar shaped object -Oumuamua

But Dr.Stairs says when he has spoken to BBC World Service, “It just seems completely inconceivable that there could be that many different alien civilisations all deciding to produce the same kind of signal in the same way – that just seems highly improbable.” Now we will leave it to you to speculate and form a theory here or find an answer.

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