Ben Affleck is Not going away anytime soon as Batman and Justice League 2 is Happening

Ben Affleck is batman, he is not going away. Justice League 2 Happening

WCD Times – The upcoming The Batman movie directed by Matt Reeves, Yet to cast the New Batman Actor, The movie will be Prequel to Ben Affleck’s Batman, his younger version of Ben Affleck as Ben Affleck Batman in his 40s. Ben Affleck has two more movie contracts to show up in DC movies. The New untitled Batman movie will have more villains than any other Batman called Rogues Gallary, In an interview with Hollywood Reporter Matt Reeves said, Casting will begin shortly, and Movie will have multiple Villains, he also said, the movie will relate Present past and Future of Batman. And the movie will have more Batman, doing detective works more often than before movies. Basically, Batman is called the Detective. 

Matt Reeves also said the movie would release some were in Summer or Spring of 2021. As of now Except shazam there no movie will come this year for DC universe movie. Wonder Woman 1984 have been moved out and Aquaman is flourishing in Box Office. While in an Interview Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins said, Justice League sequel is going to Happen along with the solo movie of Aquaman 2, Wonder Woman 3 and Flash movie to form the Justice League 2 movie.

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