BREXIT is falling out of hands for the UK

BREXIT is falling out of hands for the UK - PA/Jane Barlow

WCD Times – Prime Minister Theresa May, is struggling to move her BREXIT with a deal. Brexit deal proposal was defeated in the UK Parliament, which voted it out by an unexpected margin – 202 in favour versus 432 against. Opposition leader of UK has moved for an No Confidence in UK parliament.

A New Poll shows No Deal BREXIT is in favour, – YouGov 

No Deal BREXIT is in favour, – Source: YouGov

Since June 2016, EU and UK have agreed on rights of European Union and British citizens in both territories, UK’s financial contributions for its past commitments to the EU (39 billion pounds) and ways and means to deal with the Irish border. The deal, practically, left open contours of the trading relation between the UK and EU. However, the deal involves a 21-month transition period before the final exit in 2020 during which trade relationship would be figured out.

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