Canada Highway 401 shut down due to Fuel spill

Canada Highway 401 shut down due to Fuel spill - Photo courtesy of OPP Sergeant Kerry Schmidt

WCD Times – Canada’s Highway 401 has been shut down due to a large fuel spill near Cambridge January 13 2019.

“Our biggest concern right now is the amount of fuel that is on the highway and getting that cleaned up,” Const. Robert Visconti told CP24 Sunday morning. “It (jet fuel) is highly flammable and that’s our biggest concern right now is it could and will catch fire. That is why our closure is as big as it is in terms of proximity to the scene just to try to get everyone as far away as possible.” Police are unable to say how long the highway will be closed.

“It is a bit of a logistics nightmare trying to find a company that can clean up the jet fuel but once we get the clean-up company on the scene, it will be several hours after that,” Visconti said. The cause of the crash is still under investigation. Ontario Police says, Tanker lorry with 50,000 litres overturned and collided with a vehicle and spilt fuels all over the accident area near Cambridge.

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