Disney becoming Thanos by acquiring big Brands like Hasbro?

Disney becoming Thanos by acquiring big Brands like Hasbro?

WCD Times – So during the Disney investors call, a lot of details were given about the future of Disney and specifically their big brands. But Star Wars and Marvel are not the only things that they want, as Bob Iger actually teased that they’re looking for more big brands. what does this means and what it could be now when you think of the biggest brands in the world of Marvel and Star Wars? as they are already under Disney rights, so what else do you have? Well, Bob Iger said they’re already looking at potential other things to buy and a lot of people are just kind of scratching their heads and including us. At one point they owned Power Rangers, so could they be seeking to buy that!

We suggested years ago(our other website) they were looking and there were rumours that they were okay into buying Hasbro as a whole, because of the whole toy development and everything, if they were to pick that up. You’re looking at a substantial shift considering they own the likes of G.I.Joe and Transformers which they had a comic based on that before. So that’s something pretty big, the recently re-acquired Conan for comics. So you know Conan’s not exactly the biggest brand but its good sword sort of sorcery content and that can offset their products right. At the same time there are always things that they could go out there and buy other licenses, you know who’s to say they’re not going go after Ninja Turtles or something we just don’t know.

Disney has the money that they can invest in it and they’re looking to the future-proof right at the same time really they understand that they need more content and driving towards acquiring other big brands is important. We know other people have said, hey do you think they’re going after Sony? This could be a possibility, but you know they own Spider-Man, so if they buy them outright they’re gonna own Men in Black again. Which was a Marvel property at one point, with some licensing they’re gonna own men in black they would own Spider-Man again as a whole but it’s all really depend on what Sony really worth. Means you had to have a good catalogs that would be fit for their Disney Plus service but are they worth the big asking price and is somebody else gonna come in there and up the price so far that they can’t afford them or maybe they don’t want them, Because Universal did that the first time or the last time around.

So you know it’s going to remain, let’s see what happens. But if we were betting man, we would say they’re probably gonna be after something like Transformers or G.I.Joe something that you can market with a lot of characters and toys, because let’s be real that’s why they got Marvel and Star Wars because there’s a lot of money to be made.

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