DMK President MK Stalin Tore Modi in Kolkata Speech

WCD Times – One of the Biggest and oldest Political Party in India, Dravida Munnetra Kalakam(DMK) Chief and President Mr.MK.Stalin was warmly welcomed by TMC Chief Mamata Banerjee for biggest Rally in the Indian City of Kolkata against Indian Government, BJP, NDA and Indian PM. Modi.

While speaking in Kolkata Mr.MK Stalin said Modi has fooled Indian people with false promises, No jobs created in any formats, No Industrial development, Scams Corruption like Rafale deal, Supporting and helping only the Indian Corporate companies, Chasing away Foreign Investors and Companies, Bad Policies, Farmers Death, Fascism and forcing people to do that Modi wanted do.

Later speaking about the Upcoming Election “The next (Lok Sabha) elections will be the second fight for Independence. We will stop this poison of Hindutva and radical Hinduism from spreading. Our call is to defeat Modi and save the country,” Mr.Stalin also said, If Modi wins the upcoming election, India is lost gone and India will go back 50 years from now on. Already CBI, RBI, Income Tax became Puppets for Mr.Modi. To save India, We have to save Democracy. People will never forget the struggle and sadness of GST, Demontinization, Beef Ban, Cow Killings.

DMK President MK Stalin Tore Modi in Kolkata Speech – PTI

The next Central Election or the Lok Sabha Election of India is due in a few months. Every opposition Political Party in India has attended the Rally and the Speech in West Bengal, Kolkata. Tamil Nadu.

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