Guardians of Galaxy 3 movie confirmed by Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige and future of Marvel movies

Kevin Feige in Golden Globes Awards 2019 -MTV News

WCD Times – In the Golden Globes Awards 2019, Marvel Movies were awaiting for beans to be spilt out by someone unexpected. President of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige told to MTV News about the Future of the Movie series of Avengers, Disney Fox Franchise merging and Guardians of Galaxy sequels.

Feige told to MTV News, That the title of upcoming movie Avengers: End Game title was on the place before the movie even begun to be pressies. He also said that Avengers Trailer doesn’t hold anything more than first 15 to 20 mins of movie time.

When asked about Fox merger with Disney/Marvel Universe movies, he said it would be a whole new universe with more than 100s of character to be added, from villains like Silver Surfer to Heroes. He also said Adam McKay(Vice) will be the best person to direct the movie. Even he has watched Aquaman movie and he said “There is no rivalry between us”

The exit of Director James Gunn to Warner Bros./DC movies won’t affect or stumble anything to Marvel or Guardians of Galaxy‘s future movies. It will be made he said, When he spoken to MTV News. Apparently, James Gunn to direct the DC Movie Universe Suicide squad sequel.

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