Heavy snowfall in Germany Pushed for Emergency

There has been travel chaos on the continent due to heavy snowfall (EPA)

WCD Times – Heavy Snowfall in Germany is the reason, officials in southern Germany have declared a state of emergency. A snow storm has deposited more than half a meter of snow in parts of southern Bavaria, the town of Warngau on the northern edge of the Alps in Germany, is now covered in almost the meter of snow and that’s made life difficult for people in the region.

While A local Woman in the region saying to a News report, “In the past few days, it snowed so heavily here in the district and that’s had consequences for public life. The most evident ones are the blocked roads or people who are no longer able to go to work or go shopping. So between last night and this morning we pulled the emergency brake and canceled school lessons for all the schools in the region”

Life has been put on hold for many here, While another person told that, “it is nice, when you can sit at home and look out of the window. But i work a lot on the road and now for instance I can’t even get out of my driveway and my snow remover has broken and I have to shovel.” The storm may be inconvenient but some seem to enjoy it.

While another Oldage Warngau resident has different answer for this snowfall, “it happened more often when we were young but now not for a long time I would say but it’s okay it’s winter you can’t complain in the past years we haven’t really had a real winter but now it’s back it’s ok this way.”

In certain areas, the Avalanche warning has been raised to level 4, meaning that large avalanches can occur because of the weight of the snow. Over the weekend seven people were killed in Austria, Switzerland and Germany in ski related accidents caused by the heavy snowfall. This severe weather system is expected to bring more snow to Central Europe until Friday.

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