India in a Brink of Civil War because of Modi says the US intelligence

Thiruvananthapuram : Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses an election campaign rally in support of NDA candidates at Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala on Sunday . PTI Photo (PTI5_9_2016_000038B) *** Local Caption ***

WCD Times – On January 30th, American intelligence chief told US lawmakers, There will be communal Riots, Peoples Riot against Modi before the Indian Central Election. These Problems and imbalance in India are all happening because of Modi’s Nationalist ambition like China and his Fascist acts to control whole India by himself.

“Parliamentary elections in India increase the possibility of communal violence if BJP stresses nationalist themes, BJP policies during Modi’s first term have deepened communal tensions in some BJP-governed states, and Hindu nationalist state leaders might view a Hindu-nationalist campaign as a signal to incite low-level violence to animate their supporters,” Dan Coats, Director of National Intelligence, told the US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence in a written statement.

Dan coats also warned & stated that increasing communal riots and clashes will separate Muslim Indians, it will cause and a clear path for Islamic Militants and Terrorist to enter into India so easily. While the US was warning India on communal clashes going to happen because of Modi, on Sunday, February 3rd 2019, CBI -Central Bureau of Investigation (A wing of Central Government of India) entered into West Bengal, a State of North India. In which CBI was about to arrest Kolkata Police commissioner without any Warrant and Proof linked to any cases they say he was convicted off. While a bunch of CBI officer fled to arrest the Police commissioner, Some of the CBI Officer was arrested by the Police. Police Comminer house was surrouned by CBI officers in the middle of the night. In a Tit for Tat act, Kolkata Police surrounded CBI Office in Kolkata, until Central Reserve Military force came in.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee rushed to the spot and announced the dharna against ‘the blatant use of central police agencies by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP national president Amit Shah to silence the Opposition’. Senior bureaucrats, including Director General of Police, also reached to the spot. “PM Modi is trying to break the balance in the state, As she grouped huge opposition force to defeat BJP in coming election,” says Mamata.

Later, BJP is also playing to make imbalance in Karnataka state, to make imbalance between Congress and JD party who is governing the state unitedly says Congress heads and some party leaders in JD. Then, When Modi went to Tamil Nadu state, Many People & Party leaders, Members opposed Modi to go out from Tamil Nadu. Many were showing Black flag to protest against Modi and Hindu Nationalism. As said before by the US Intelligence, Rise of Protest and Communal Riots, Modi’s Hindu nationalism are becoming a problem for India, which may or May not bring Civil War into India.

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