India not to join the US against Iran, Russia or China

Modi, Trump, Putin and XI-Jinping

WCD Times – After unsuccessful Trade war between the US and China, A failed attempt on Iran, Russia sanctions by President Trump. Now the US wants other countries not to buy anything from Russia, Iran and Trade with China. The US Wants India to stand by its side on this, But India buys Oil from Iran mostly and equips its defence systems with Russia mostly and India’s main Economic & Technology Trade, Agriculture is with China. India cannot withdraw anything from any one of these countries. Instead, India can reduce buying a few things from these countries. As already India is struggling in its Economy in Current Government administered by India’s PM Narendra Modi with Bad Policies, Red Taped Foreign Investment, Which makes business difficult and makes the Entrepreneur frustrated.

Modi’s is doing the same protectionist(Nationalist) act for India, so that he can bring Nationalism in India, which already making India a bad investment ground. Policies on Nationalism are damaging the Indian Economy very badly. India’s closer ties between Iran, Russia and China are so crucial and historic for India. India cannot suddenly leave all these nations and go with the US, India has to Keep its Foreign partnership in a democratic form as it used to be. India’s strategic Important Chabahar Port in Iran which connects central Asia beyond Iran. The North-South Economic corridor which begins from Iran and joins Russia and central Europe which will be a very Important Trade route for India. India will not any time soon look on to the US for full partnership in Trade and Defence, as President Trump’s policies and strategies are clearly failing. Trump even very badly scratched its own Allies Canada and Europe on Protectionist Policies and Trade. Like Trump Indian PM Modi also doing the same in his country too, which has caused chaos and confusion with people, consumers, lawmakers and the Economy.

Protectionism(Nationalism) never brings good for the country, US and India is the great proof for it, India or US dint achieve anything from this. They just made their own economy to a very worse situation. Many foreign investors and Companies went out of both countries, Unemployment in both countries are very huge in number. In India, new Data was leaked in January 2019 on unemployment, which was historically huge in numbers.

US Sanctions on Iran and Russia dint do any good for the US, as it was a failure of Trump to show himself capable of doing protectionist act for his country. While India sees as a failure of Trump, India will not relay on the US and will not detach its ties with Iran or Russia. Thus, it’s not that India doesn’t have any leverage. However, New Delhi shouldn’t be pragmatic and accommodative of the US. It should provide better market access to US merchandise by removing some of its populist trade barriers like price cap on medical devices or import duties on metal scrap, for instance.

There is a huge Competition and Economic Race between China and India, It’s true that China wants to stop India’s Growth in Economy and Defence so that China can be the Only Superpower beyond China. Even, if China is trying to Stop India, India cannot detach its ties with China. Agriculture and Manufacturing is a key sector for India on Export to China now. As the European Union is figuring out plans for Brexit. Indian Rich is going to play a crucial role in the United Kingdoms future. Really there is no need for India to Tieup itself closer to the United States for all its uses except few things on Defence and Investment.

On a final note, India must free its Foreign Policies on E-Commerce and Industrial development and Foreign Direct Investment. Tightening FDI will make India a bad policy maker in other country and India is facing worse Investments as Happening now in India(2013-2019). India needs to figure out longer partnership program with Russia and Iran instead of moving towards the US. Investment from the US is must needed for India to survive, but it should not be stopped by RED Tape Policies and Protecnisim

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