India takes Control of Chabahar Port in Iran

Chabahar Port in Sistan Baluchistan Province of Iran

WCD Times – India has now taken control a part of the Operation of
Shaheed Behesti port at Chabahar in Sistan Baluchistan Province of Iran, Which might be used as a Logistic and Military base for Indian Navy if needed. But as of Now, it can be for both Purpose of Military & Economic. Also there will be a Trilateral(India, Iran, Afghanistan) meeting to be held in February 24th of 2019 to promote the use of Chabahar Port to the world.

In a statement, the Indian Government said.,

“The physical take-over of the terminal area, cargo handling equipment and Office building was completed by December 29, 2018,” India Ports Global Chabahar Free Zone (IPGCFZ) at Chabahar.

By opening up and operating the Chabahar Port of Iran, India made history. As this is the only Indian Port Operated by Indian Government outside of Indian Territory. The port had its first arrival of a vessel carrying Corns from Cyprus, which has landed for the first time in Chabahar Port. Officially the Port Construction operation was started in 2003 by the Congress Government of India.

Chabahar Port Trade from India to Iran.

But because of some delays, The work was sluggish as usual. But in 2014, it had boost from Narendra Modi Government. As U.S. was imposing sanction Iran and Russia. India had no choice to speed up the work of its own good. India on other hand made it clear, it will be the passage for three countries benefit to boost their economic reception for delivering their Trade to the central Asia.

A MoU was signed between Indian Government and Iranian Government(Iranian President Hassan Rouhani), for a 10-year contract for Equipping and Operating the Chabahar Port, which was executed on May 23, 2016. And in December 2017, Chabahar port was opened for Trade for the three countries of India, Iran and Landlocked Afghanistan. As the Pakistan’s Gwadar Port was not allowed to berth any Indian ships anymore for Trade, this has happened When the Chinese entered into building Chinese port’s in Pakistan.

Indian PM Narendra Modi, Iran President Hassan Rouhani, Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani

As Chabahar Port seemed to be the gateway of India to the Central Asia. Afghanistan will be the most benefited country from this Port. Strategically, this Port will help India in all kinds of needs for Trade, Economy and Military. As India has poured USD 108.16 Million dollars phase-1 in this port for operating and having, two ship berths for its own use.

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