Indian Government under Modi becomes more corrupt than ever before?

Indian Government under Modi becomes more corrupt than ever before - Rafale Deal

WCD Times – As there is a huge scandal, corruption and scam going on in India with new Rafale fighter jet deal with PM Modi of India. Today there was a news report on a English newspaper The Hindu in India, stating PM Modi played a huge role in buying Rafale jets and allocating it to Anil Ambani’s Defence company single-handedly. The opposition’s leader and Rising PM Candidate of India Mr.Rahul Gandhi stormed Indian Parliament with stunning questions to BJP led NDA Government, PM Modi and Defence Minister of India Nirmala sitharaman. “The report makes it crystal clear that Prime Minister was directly involved in the negotiations and he bypassed the process to give all the benefits to one person. It is absolutely clear that the prime minister has stolen Rs 30,000 crore of your money, bypassed a process, and given it to his friend Mr.Anil Ambani,” Rahul Gandhi said at the press conference.

“Defence Ministry has proved that what François Hollande (former French president) said was true and that Prime Minister Modi is guilty in the Rafale case,” he said. A day after Modi said Rahul Gandhi is questioning the fate of Indian Air force. Today Rahul Gandhi stormed with a question on new allegation on PM Modi, that PMO has Single-Handedly played role in Rafeal Jet deal. Rahul Gandhi also said “Defence Minister of India, Mrs Nirmaral sitharaman lied about this deal, Former French President has admitted that he was made to choose Anil Ambani by PM Modi himself,”

Defence Minister Mrs Sitharaman has dismissed the allegation and newspaper Report on Rafale deal. But Congress President Mr.Rahul Gandhi said we have been telling this from last one year, that the Rafale Jet deal with France and Anil Ambani are pre-planned and there are a huge Corruption and Scam in the deal with PM Modi. Which involves PM Narendra Modi directly in this, which have proved in The Hindu Newspaper today, which makes Modi’s parallel negation in this deal a Black and white. Prime Minister Modi himself dealing the deal of Rafael Jet orders, and defence minister who was at that time strongly objected his(Modi) interference in the deal.

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