Indian PM Modi Murdered Democracy in India

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi addressing the public meeting, in Solapur, Maharashtra. Image - PIB Archive

WCD Times –  Prime Minister of India Mr.Narendra Modi, Yesterday (January 9 2019) visited Solapur of the Indian state of Maharashtra to Inaugurate various developmental program as he says so. But the place Mr.Modi was visiting yesterday wasn’t quite good for all the people. The day before yesterday ahead of Mr.Modi’s visit, Indian Congress leader and local MLA Praniti said its “Emergency-like” situation in the city, protestor were not allowed, the city was empty, Cable TV was shut down and more she said, Democracy was Murdered here in the city of Solapur.

Even Mr.Modi’s Travel route was changed many times, as intelligence found there were many protests to hold against him.

Cable TV will be banned tomorrow. Cell phone jammers too would be used. There is a report in a newspaper that cable TV will be banned and it is almost Emergency-like the atmosphere here (in Solapur),” she told a regional TV news channel.

Democracy has been murdered and insulted here just because the prime minister is going to come. The opposition is part of democracy, but we are not being allowed to register (our protest),” she alleged.

Mr.Modi inaugurated building 30,000 houses and laying the foundation for it. Opening four lane NH-211 Highways. It looks like, as Mr.Modi is running away from Question, not facing problems and now he is out of the league by forcing people to stop speaking, protesting him and asking him any question too. MLA Praniti’s questions still hanging in the air to be answered, will there be any answers?

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