Indira Gandhi Returns as Priyanka Gandhi in India

File: Indira Gandhi Returns as Priyanka Gandhi in India. Image-AP

WCD Times – One of the worlds Biggest Political Party Indian National Congress announced today, that Mr.Rahul Gandhi’s sister Priyanka Gandhi entering the Politics as the Big name for the upcoming election in India’s Biggest State Uttar Pradesh. She has a clean slate on her name in Politics and in her Life as Indira Gandhi. Indira Gandhi is one of Boldest, Fearless and most Respected Prime Minister India ever had. She has been compared to Priyanka Gandhi as she has entered the Politics Officially.

Priyanka Gandhi, a 47-year-old Politician, Daughter of Sonia Gandhi and former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, The Indian Congress Party appointed her as the head of the state Congress for UP. As she drives more crowds and creates huge impacts, The party has a new strategy to launch another attack on Modi’s chaos administration out of Indian Democracy. Already Rahul Gandhi is hitting Modi very hard in all sides, as Mr.Modi has no way go. A new rise of another Party leader is going to make him suffer, that he never feared off, this would happen.

Her Popularity and clean slate name will make a huge challenge for Mr.Modi. As Congress going solo in the biggest state UP, BJP will have worries not only because of Congress, it has to worry about other state party BSP & SP. As the heading for its Election in the summer of 2019, Congress has solely prepared Priyanka for the state of UP. Maybe afterwards, she might campaign all over India if needed.

Congress party is rising everywhere in India, as Rahul Gandhi became the Icon of India now, Congress is stepping up with very high tide waves to disrupt the election with a huge victory. Rahul Gandhi has already proved that he can battle with anyone, as he already plucked three BJP governed states and brought them to Congress as his Victory Garland.

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