Jair Bolsonaro to fight corruption, Said after he sworn in as Brazil’s New President

Jair Bolsonaro to fight corruption, After he sworn in as Brazil's New President

Jair Bolsonaro, sworn in as Brazil’s New President of far-right politicians, Owing a crackdown on crime and corruption. As he was sworn in Tuesday as Brazil’s new president in Brasilia. The 63 year old a former army captain and the deputy for the past 27 years, pledged to uphold the Constitution as he embarked on his four-year mandate at the helm of Latin America’s biggest economy.

After the inauguration as the New President of Brazil, President of United States Mr. Donald Trump wished Bolsonaro on his tweet,

In his inauguration speech Bolsonaro told the Congress, that he wanted a national pact to free Brazil of corruption, crime and economic mismanagement in a swipe at the left.Also Bolsonaro has vowed to move Brazil away from its left-leaning foreign policy. while Bolsonaro took over the presidency from a center-right figure Mitchell Tamir who succeeded the Workers Party Dilma Rousseff impeached in 2016.

Among the foreign guests at the inauguration of the Brazil’s New President were, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

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