Kamala Harris Wins into the Race for the US Presidential

Kamala Harris Wins into the Race for the US Presidential

WCD Times – Kamala Harris officially enters into the race for President in US 2020. While she speaking she said, “Anyone who reads what I write — and I hope that includes you, dear reader! — knows that I think Harris is a top-tier candidate for the nomination because of her base of support in California, her profile as a black and biracial woman, her liberal voting record and her charisma.”

Kamala Harris choosing Dr.Martin Luther King JR. day to represent the historic nape of her Candidacy. When a reporter asked her, why she best Candidate to beat Mr.Trump? Kamala Harris says, “let’s start with this, I love my country, I love my country, and I feel a sense of responsibility to stand up and fight for the best of who we are. And I’m prepared to fight and I know how to fight and in particular when we’re talking about fighting for the values that we hold sacred and dear when it comes to talking about. How we fight for the American people and have leadership in this country that is focused on the needs of the people instead of self-interest I’m prepared to fight that way and I believe it will be a winning fight”

Agina the reporter asked, there 17 other democrats says the same, how are you different from them, for that Harris says, “I think the voters will decide, Ultimately”.

 And instead of going Iowa or New Hampshire, Harris will go to South Carolina were African America Voter are present for Democrats. As she was a half South Indian and Carribean, Mother is a South Indian and Father a Caribbean, she might pull this off.

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