Microsoft Bing search engine is banned in China now!

Microsoft Bing search engine is banned in China now

WCD Times – Today(Thursday) Chinese internet user faced an issue with Bing search engine of Microsoft, which works as censored by the Chinese government. But when the Chinese internet user tried to access the website, they were not able to access anything. while they try to open they used to get an error message.

While Chinese user complained that, they couldn’t use Bing and also they don’t want to use Chinese government prefered Baidu search engine. Some think it can be Hack gone wrong or Chinese government have started to blow(Ban) out US companies out of China, as there is a tight Trade war going on between US and China which is also slowing down too.

Bing complies with Chinese censorship rules, but its link to US tech giant Microsoft might have put it in the government’s crosshairs as Beijing and Washington spar over trade and tech issues.

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