Modi Ruined Indian Youth with no Job creation Leaked Job Data shows

Modi Ruined Indian Youth with no Job creation Leaked Job Data shows

WCD Times – On January 30th 2019, NSSO 2017-2018 data was leaked showing India is in a worse situation in its history on Jobless Indians. Modi ruined Indian Youths with false promises, Before coming to Govern India as Prime Minister of India, Mr.Modi said he would create 2 crore Jobs for Indias. But now, “Unemployment is at its highest in 45 yrs, with 6.5 Cr youth are jobless in 2017-18 alone.

Why does there so much unemployment growing so rapidly in India? Because, there no new Industrial development, no new Industries are born or brought into India except in Defence. Mr.Modi, just only cares about India’s Defence system, He didn’t keep up his promises to create Jobs for the Indian People. Making bad policies have still ruined Indians from buying what they want. This leaked data clearly shows India in jeopardy in the creation of Jobs. Why do People doesn’t know about this or question about his? Because people believe in Modi whatever he says and he never answers anyone’s questions. Now, this data shows the reason why the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) report on jobs was withheld. This is why the members of National Statistical Commission resigned, claimed Congress chief spokesperson Randeep Surjewal.

India Jobless Data, 6.5 crore Unemployed in India. Source: NSSO

Mr.Modi’s false promise has come to light clearly, In India’s History never these much youths are unemployed in India 45 crore People. Congress President Rahul Gandhi tweeted with the Jobless India Data in his twitter account saying Goback Modi – NoMo2GO.

“Promise of 2 crore jobs turned out to be a cruel joke. India does not want a Government that has left the future of our youth in jeopardy,” Surjewala said on Twitter.

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