Rahul Gandhi’s Questions, Which makes BJP so scarred

Rahul Gandhi's Questions, Which make BJP so scarred

WCD Times – Rahul Gandhi the Congress president said on Saturday, that Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman “lied” in Parliament that BJP government orders worth Rs.one lakh crore were provided to HAL.

The Congress has been targeting the government, alleging that BJP or the Government did not & is not giving right answers or answers to Rahul gandhi’s question during the parliamentary debate on Rafale Deal. while demanding that Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman should either place the documents in support of her statement in the House or resign.

Gandhi’s attack came after a media report claimed that “not a single rupee of the said Rs 1 lakh crore has come to HAL, since not a single order, as claimed, has been signed till now.”

The media report cited senior HAL management officials in order to back its claim

The BJP or the NDA government has accused the Congress did not supporting HAL during its Governance and alleged that they(Congress/UPA) were trying to Manipulate the Public Sector for supports of Private once. But in reality looks like BJP is the one doing it now.

Rahul Gandhi tweeted

Gandhi had on Saturday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of “weakening” HAL to help his “suit-boot” friend

Also a media report which claimed that HAL was forced to borrow Rs 1,000 crore to pay salaries to its employees for the first time in years as it is facing financial crisis.

Congress’s chief spokesperson Randeep Surjewala tweeted on Sunday:

Actually real Debate took place twitter than in Parliament in India. The opposition Leader Mr. Rahul Gandhi has been attacking Government since its Corruption allegation started on Rafale Deal a year Back.

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