Russo Brothers involved in Disney Streaming service Disney+

Disney Streaming service Disney+

WCD Times – So by now most of you have heard that, Of course Disney is doing their own streaming service at Disney Plus and it’s gonna be huge. You know from $100,000,000 Star Wars series from Mandalorian to Scarlet Witch and the vision to multiply other things that are in development including the Falcon and Winter Soldier. Which apparently is getting some people upset of the rumors and what the Russo brothers have said so naturally. If you look at the MCU, when you think Winter Soldier and the Falcon, the definitive versions have been handled by the Russo brothers right.

Specifically in the Winter Soldier you know, that was their first real step into the MCU and they nailed the characters field. When you go to Civil War and everything else they just seem to understand the characters. So when the series was announced a lot of people just assume that the Russo brothers will be behind it.

It’s like a no-brainer put these guys on and let them do it and recently they said, they’re not involved at all and they don’t know what the status of it is. Which has caused some outrage now, you guys also have to understand that they are rather busy you know, like they have their own production studio they’re working on the abinell and TV series are working on. They’re still in the MCU but, at like the same time they probably want to evolve their own craft and develop their own properties. Which would mean, if you stick to more with the Disney you’re kind of in that wheelhouse. You’re kind of just gonna get to be okay, I’m doing the same thing over and over I need to do something else you kind of get bored right so naturally people start to get upset that they’re not involved but at the same time you have to think of how the MCU has moved forward when the Russo brothers were announced to do Winter Soldier.

It was literally deemed to be the end of the MCU, because they are comedy directors and then their Civil War and Winter Soldier and there’s infinity war and now endgame, They’ve clearly shown that they understand how to handle situations and characters. When it took over for Joss Whedon people were literally freaking out because it’s like nobody else besides Joss can do this but clearly they topped what he did right. At the same time Kenneth Branagh. He handled Thor 1 and I didn’t think anybody could do better but, I was like okay I’ll wait and see and then here it is.

So naturally you have to go out there and look for people with unique tapes and fresh ideas and like fresh blood to inject into your franchise. If they’re doing Winter Soldier and Falcon, why not give somebody a chance that you want to use that small time and build them up like they did the Russo brothers. I mean look at watts for example, he was hired for Spider-Man and nobody knew who he was, he came off like one movie out of festival. And people are like, who is this guy, you know but look at him now. So you have to understand that, you can’t just hire what’s safe sometimes you have to look outside the box and maybe hire someone that’s a little bit different because that’s really what kind of pushes you to the next level.

Best example I can give you James Gunn for Guardians of Galaxy, when he was announced, the internet freaked out because it was like this guy is terrible he can’t possibly do this he just makes cheap terrible looking horror films that nobody likes they’re like the cult films and then here comes James Gunn and redefines what the MCU is. So who’s to say they’re not gonna find the next to the James Gunn or Peyton Reed or Jaws or really anybody. Because that’s really what they do to find someone to give them a chance. To push them out there, so we should probably hold off on hating on this till we know more.

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