Scientist Finally found out How Long a Day takes in Saturn

Scientist Finally found out How Long a Day takes in Saturn

WCD Times – Using Cassini spacecraft‘s Data information on Saturn, scientist found out that it takes 29 Earth years for Saturn to complete one Saturn year. Also, they found it takes just 10 hours 33 minutes and 38 seconds to complete a day in Saturn. This was Unknown for a very long time until Cassini’s data was established. Christopher Mankovich, a graduate student in astronomy and astrophysics who found out the information by analysing Saturn rings vibration said,

“Particles throughout the rings can’t help but feel these oscillations in the gravity field, At specific locations in the rings these oscillations catch ring particles at just the right time in their orbits to gradually build up energy, and that energy gets carried away as an observable wave.”

Saturn is a unique Planet, it does not have rotational axis as Earth or Jupiter does, it is really hard to find a rotation of a planet without a Rotational axis, but with help of the Saturn’s ring and its vibration, it was successful. Cassini spacecraft which was nearing its ending, it’s journey ended in September 2017. NASA scientist decided to crash the spacecraft into Saturn’s atmosphere for its final goodbye. Even after the crash, for few minutes, Cassini was sending information to NASA. On September 17, 2017, Cassini was officially announced it has crashed into Saturn’s atmosphere.

“The researchers used waves in the rings to peer into Saturn’s interior, and out popped this long-sought, fundamental characteristic of the planet. And it’s a really solid result, The rings held the answer,” said Cassini Project Scientist Linda Spilker.

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