Tesla cutting 7 percent of full-time employee says Elon Musk

Tesla cutting 7 percent of full-time employee says Elon Musk. Image - Stephen Lam/Reuters

WCD Times – Before few days, SpaceX planned to cut off its workforce by 10%, SpaceX will have 6000 employees after the cut. Now Elon Musk has said in his Tesla employee Email, that he is going to cut off 7% of employee headcount in his Tesla company. More skilled Temp and contractors would stay in the company, said in his statement Tesla CEO Elon Musk said,

“Tesla will need to make these cuts while increasing the Model 3 production rate and making many manufacturing engineering improvements in the coming months,”

Also Elon musk has said Tesla referral program will be shut down by february 1 2019, in his twitter tweet.

Elon Musk Electric car company made profitable in Q3 & Q4, mostly out of its premium versions. Still, Model 3 has to reach out its deadline to the customer who has booked them. After this news, Tesla share fell 5.6% on Wall Street.

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