Indian Military base outside India and around the World

Top 5 Indian Military base around the World 2019

WCD Times – India never shares its secret or never revealed itself as the Global contender with its Military ambition or aggression, Until now. India was forced to Open its Military Base outside of India from last 10 years because of Chinese Colonisation aggression and Imbalance of Pakistan economy and its Politics. Here are the Indian Military Bases Outside India and around the world.

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On July 2018, India and Seychelles agreed on a defence agreement for a joint Project in Assumption island to build a Naval base. By agreeing, India gave $100m Line of Credit and Dornier Aircraft’s to Seychelles. As the Indian Ocean region is getting crowded day by day by Chinese Navy for its surveillance on India & Indian Ocean. India had to step up and signed a pact with Seychelles to build Indian Naval Base.


As the Chinese presence near Singapore had increased significantly. Singapore & India’s relationship has reached its highest standards. A new agreement has been signed on November 2017. In this agreement Indian Navy can Dock, Refuel, Rearms it’s Naval ships and Submarines whenever it needed for India. There is no need for a request like before to dock a Navy ship in Singapore’s Changi Naval Base.


India and Indonesia made a deal to jointly develop a new seaport at Sabang, Indonesia. Which is located in the entrance of Malacca Strait. In 2018 June, China’s Global News Warned India on the new developing Military base near the south china sea region. But India and Indonesia neglected Chinese warning and started their joint work on the seaport in Sabang, which is strategically important sea route for the south-east Asian countries. India and Indonesia say it’s just a Tourist attractional joint work of two countries. But, many defence analyst and the deep government head says it might be a Military base for India to counter China’s presence in India Ocean. As Indian navy can dock at any time they wanted in Sabang port.


The Indian Navy has and have the authority to Dock, Refuel and Rearm itself anytime they wanted in Oman’s Duqm Port. Duqm port, which is nearer to China’s Military base in Djibouti in the Horn of Africa, which is located at the important Trade route for Europe, Africa and East Asia near the Red Sea. India has its concern for the new Chinese military base in Djibouti. Now, India had signed a deal with Oman for access to its ports(Duqum) for Indian navy whenever it needed. India is countering China in the Indian Ocean and in Chinese backyard in the south china sea, to stop Chinese influence in the Indian Ocean and its surveillance on India.


President Ram Nath Kovind of India visited Indian Air Force Contingent in Ayni, Tajikistan in 2018, to Renew India’s Air Force base deal. As this is the only Indian Air Force base outside Indian Territory. This base has the strategic upper-hand for India on Pakistan and to Afghanistan, in any means if necessary. As China’s share in Pakistan is growing very fast, India wants to keep Pakistan in Check every day and in war times.

Not only India has these five Military bases outside of India, but India also has Three Military bases of France, One from Myanmar, One from Sri Lanka if it needed in war times and one from Vietnam. Not only Indi has these Military base, now India has the capability, accessibility to more than 800 Military bases around the world. As the New Treaty between India and the United States of America made this possible. Also adding to the heat, India also has the accessibility of Russian military base whenever India needed around Russia and in Russia.

So what do you think of India countering China in all the way if possible for India? As India is the Only country have access to most of the world’s military bases across the globe.

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