Trump to loose the grip on H1B VISA with citizenship

Trump to loose the grip on H1B VISA with citizenship. Image - Getty

WCD Times – On Friday President Mr.Donald Trump said, there is good news coming for the H1-B visa holder. He is going to make simpler and possibly giving Citizenship for visa holders and job holders. This news would be a great relief and Happy News, mainly for the Indians and Mexicans. As the changes are coming soon. Trump said rest assured, it will be simpler for VSIA.

While Mr. Donald Trump tweeted,

As before, Donald J. Trump a Republican, and Democrats in the U.S. Congress has levied heavy tight rules for the H1-B Visa, That the US asylum seeker’s reached the highest in the country. Trump put strong rules so that High educational Degree holders and with huge investment money holders can apply for the temporary resident VIsa in the US. Trump also has Shutdown the US government for a very long time on the funding of Mexican US border Wall, we exactly don’t know when this H1-B visa rule will simplify

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