UK Leaving European Union Whats Next? What is Brexit?

WCD Times: For those who don’t know what is brexit means, can leaving the European Union. It is no more about that European Union a public order in the UK Parliament made leave European Union permanently. Man

European Union consist of 28 European countries as a members, trade between themselves. the free trade means moving goods freely between the European Union member countries with no checks or extra charges. UK joined in 1973 with the European Union and it is the first country to withdraw from the European Union.

UK has left the European Union all 11 month transition period romance period the UK and European Union has two finalise on a new deal and a bad deal for both of them while the UK’s p.m says they can do it in London man’s was the European Union says it’s too soon to go and do a deal in the just 11 months time. The transition period ends on December 31st of 2020.

There are many things to be agreed upon, firstly free trade deal like before so that the goods can travel freely in and out of without any checks for border controls. Then it would be fishing law enforcement medicine licensing and gas supplies. UK’s trade was £1.3 trillion, almost half with the European Union. It’s biggest exports are its car manufacturing, it was £840 billion in 2018. If they didn’t come into a deal on the free trade, tariffs would be leaived on all the goods which comes in and out of the European Union and the UK. In 2018, UK’s trade

With the European union trade agreement was 11%
With the European Union was 49%
With Rest of the world was 40%

Until they come to an agreement before the end of the transition period, All the European Union agreement with the UK will follow. while there is only a short time to the end of the transition period for a new deal, The official talks will start only from March of 2020. Right now brexit is still hanging without a Deal or No Deal.

So what do you think? Can UK pull this off with a new trade deal with European Union?

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